Shares in Mercurius rose throughout the day to an intra-day high of 6.6 cents, 57.14% higher from the counter’s last-closed price of 4.2 cents on Sept 3.

The surge in share price drew queries from the Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo), who asked the company to release any information that may trigger the share price.

SGX RegCo noted that this is the second query issued to the company in the past six months, and asked the company to confirm its compliance with the Catalist rules.

Shares in Mercurius started the day almost immediately with a spike in share price to 5.3 cents at 9.04am.

The company’s shares then stood in and around the six-cent mark throughout the day.

In a response issued by Mercurius on Sept 6 at 7.06am, the company states that apart from announcements released on Sep 3 pertaining to the disclosure of changes in interest in the company’s shares by Mercurius executive chairman Chang Wei Lu, it is not aware of any information not previously announced which might explain the trading.

According to the announcements, Chang, who is also CEO of the company, had increased his shareholding in Mercurius by some 14.3 million shares through transactions recorded on Aug 31 and Sept 1. He now holds a 23.17% interest in the company.

Shares in Mercurius closed 2.2 cents higher or 52.38% up at 6.4 cents, with 215.52 million shares changed hands, the second highest traded counter on Sept 3.