SINGAPORE (July 15): Singapore-based medical technology firm Biolidics has prompted a query from the Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) following the delayed announcement of its licensing agreement with Accelerate Technologies.

In the query at 2.31pm on Wednesday, SGX RegCo has asked Biolidics for its reasons on the delay of the announcement, whether the company’s sponsor was aware of the disclosure of the matter, and when the announcement was approved.

Biolidics made the announcement on July 14 that the company had entered into the agreement on July 9.

Between July 9 and 14, Biolidics’ share price surged 67.7% to 52 cents on the 14th, from 31 cents when markets opened on the 9th.

When markets opened on July 15, Biolidics’ share price climbed a further 11.7% to trade at 58 cents.

As at 3.10pm, Biolidics’ share price fell 19.13% to trade at 46 cents.