SINGAPORE (Feb 24): Lawyer Jeffrey Ong Shu Aun, who is involved in what is believed to be the largest case of lawyers absconding with clients' funds, has been slapped with 12 new charges in court today. 

Ong, who has been in remand since last June, now faces a total of 38 charges. 

With the exception of a charge of forging a signature, the remaining charges today are all related to his misappropriation of funds totalling $33,839,674.97 belong to Allied Technologies.

The funds were held in an escrow account managed by JLC Advisors, where Ong was managing partner.

He allegedly misappropriated the money, in sums ranging from $62,530 to as high as$12.2 million. The offences mainly took place between Oct 31 2017 and Dec 28 2017. 

The outlier was a sum of $9,967.10 allegedly misappropriated much later, on Aug 27 2018.

Ong is also accused of forging the signature of one Vincent Lim Puay Chong, a partner at JLC Advisors as well. He is the former chairman of Annica Holdings, which is one of the listed companies linked to John Soh Chee Wen and Quah Su-Ling, the alleged masterminds behind the 2013 penny stock crash.