SINGAPORE (Dec 10): Artificial intelligence specialist, robotics engineer and full stack engineer are the top three fastest growing jobs in Singapore, according to a survey by professional network LinkedIn.

This comes as the city state moves towards being a smart nation where technology is incorporated across all aspects of living.

The findings were revealed in the Emerging Jobs Report published on Tuesday.

“Emerging Jobs” are defined as roles slated to have significant growth in the region. These are based on futuristic trends and may not necessarily mean that the roles already have a large talent pool at present.

The annual study looks into the 15 fastest growing jobs in the market by assessing the demand for them based on their job titles and skill sets required.

For instance, to make the cut as an artificial intelligence specialist, one needs to be skilled in machine learning and deep learning as well as software such as TensorFlow and Python, the study shows.

Aside from tech-based roles, there is also a need for roles with a human touch. These include, a community specialist, partnerships specialist and e-commerce specialist.

Such roles require a mix of expertise in marketing, business development, strategy and management.

Even so, all 15 roles require both technical and hard skills and soft skills. “Digitisation and automation have opened doors for more jobs that require creativity and interpersonal skills to help make sense of data and technology,” observes Feon Ang, LinkedIn’s Asia Pacific Vice President for Talent and Learning Solutions. “And the biggest skills gap is ultimately soft skills.”

“It is a very exciting time for all of us as professionals as we learn to adapt and evolve our skills to stay relevant in our jobs,” Ang adds.

According to LinkedIn data, the top 15 emerging jobs in Singapore are:

  1. Artificial intelligence specialist
  2. Robotics engineer
  3. Full stack engineer
  4. Backend developer
  5. Data scientist
  6. DevOps engineer
  7. Data engineer
  8. Cybersecurity specialist
  9. Community specialist
  10. Partnerships specialist
  11. Clinical specialist
  12. E-commerce specialist
  13. Customer success specialist
  14. Product owner
  15. Creative copywriter