SINGAPORE (July 14): Singapore’s fourth desalination plant, the Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant (KMEDP) has commenced commercial operations with effect from 29 June 2020. 

KMEDP, which is also Singapore’s first large-scale, dual-mode desalination plant, is operated by Marina East Water, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Infrastructure Holdings (Keppel Infrastructure).

The plant is capable of producing about 137,000 cubic metres (or 30 million gallons) of fresh drinking water per day, which is enough to fill almost 55 Olympic swimming pools. 

The plant, which also has the ability to treat either seawater or freshwater drawn from the Marina Reservoir, will strengthen Singapore’s water supply resilience.

Located on the stretch of the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network that bridges East Coast Park and Gardens by the Bay East, KMEDP will draw water from the sea to produce desalinated water in dry weather, and when it rains, the plant will utilise rainwater collected in the reservoir to produce potable water.

This requires less energy and fewer steps in the treatment process compared to desalination.

National Water Agency PUB’s Chief Executive Ng Joo Hee said the KMEMP will further strengthen Singapore’s water security, as the ocean is a “practically limitless source”.

In addition to the three existing desalination plants, the KMEMP will bring Singapore’s total desalination capacity to about 160 million gallons per day.

KMEDP also became the first industrial plant in Singapore to be awarded the ABC Waters Certification (Gold) by PUB last October, in recognition of its outstanding design features and exceptional Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) standards. 

Most notably, the facility’s treatment facilities are underground and viewable via a private viewing gallery, which frees up nearly 20,000 square metres of open green rooftop space for community activity and recreation. 

It was also recognised for its sleek, modern design that breaks away from those of conventional water treatment plants.

Under the Design, Build, Own and Operate (DBOO) arrangement with PUB, Marina East Water will undertake plant operations for a 25-year concession period from 2020 to 2045.

Shares in Keppel Corp closed 3 cents lower, or 0.5% down, at $5.98 on Tuesday, after the announcement.