Grab CEO and co-founder Anthony Tan will have 60.4% of voting power following the merger between Grab Holdings and Altimeter Growth Corp.

The stake is revealed as Tan holds some 122.9 million Class B ordinary shares, representing a 2.2% stake in the company following the merger.

Each Class B share is entitled to 45 votes.

Each Class A share, which is held by other principal stakeholders in Grab including the SoftBank Vision Fund, with an 18.6% stake, is entitled to one vote.

Other holders of Class A shares in Grab are Uber (14.3%), Chinese vehicle for hire company Didi Chuxing (7.5%) and Toyota (2.4%).

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Tan’s stake includes the 122.9 million shares in his own name, as well as the 25.6 million shares under co-founder Tan Hooi Ling’s name and the 14.4 million shares under Grab president Ming-Hokng Maa’s name.

The shares are beneficially owned by Tan under a shareholder deed.

At present, Tan owns a 2.6% stake in Grab before the merger, with 63.6 million shares.

Co-founder Tan Hooi Ling owns a 0.8% stake or 19.6 million shares, while president Maa owns 0.4% or 11.1 million shares.

The company’s directors and executive officers collectively own 3.8%.

The SoftBank Vision Fund currently owns 21.7%, while Uber, Didi Chuxing and Toyota own 16.6%, 8.7% and 6.9% each in the company.

According to the filing by Altimeter Growth Corp, Grab is “attractively priced” at 9 to 11 times FY2022 multiple compared to the FY2022 peer average of 10 times, and a FY2023 multiple of 7 to 8 times, compared to the peer average of 8 times in enterprise value or revenue.

Grab’s revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for FY2020 to FY2022 stands at 43%, according to the filing.

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