SINGAPORE (Dec 4): The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and employee benefits platform CXA Group are looking to raise $1 million for charity – by encouraging companies and their employees to donate unused benefits dollars.

Called the Collective Good, the initiative calls for the donation of unused funds in CXA’s e-wallet for employees.

Through CXA, companies fund the employee e-wallet with their existing insurance, health and benefits spend. This allows employees to spend the funds in their e-wallets on a range of cashless services, including insurance, general practitioners, dentists, and chronic disease management programmes.

However, CXA observed that unused benefits dollars that have expired are returned to employers.

Rather than let these “go to waste”, CXA has been working with their clients’ human resource teams to come on board this initiative by providing options for this money to be donated to charity, says Rosaline Chow Koo, founder and group CEO of CXA.

“Today, with over 400,000 employees on our portal, we wish to extend our mission to the less privileged in our community through this initiative,” she adds. “We are appealing to employees to use this e-wallet for the collective good of our community.”

NVPC and CXA target to raise $1 million through the initial run of this ongoing initiative, which will be donated to the Community Chest of Singapore.

The proceeds will go towards assisting children with special needs, at-risk youth, people with mental health conditions, adults with disabilities, vulnerable seniors, and families in need.

Already, organisations such as Grab Singapore and City Developments, as well as several small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have come on board.

“Through this partnership, we have been able to create a platform-to-platform strategy to help enable many more people to reach many more charities,” says Melissa Kwee, CEO of NVPC.

“Giving Week is a time when the people, business and leaders of Singapore come together to show our Singapore spirit that leaves no behind, is grateful for what we have achieved and uses success to lift others. This spirit creates a truly prosperous society and resilient economy,” she adds.

Giving Week, a national giving movement initiated by NVPC, takes place from Dec 1-7 this year.