CDW Holdings announced, on March 1, that two research papers co-authored by its subsidiary GSP Enterprise Inc (GSP) and Okayama University have been accepted for publication by established scientific journals.

One paper was published by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences and documents the successful use of the anti-Cripto-1 antibody in suppressing cancer cell growth.

The other paper was published by the American Journal of Cancer Research and highlighted the discovery of a new cell line which can be used to test new cancer drugs aimed at targeting cancer stem cells.

In December 2020, CDW had announced GSP and Okayama University’s joint development of a new therapeutic antibody called anti-Cripto-1 which has shown promise for use in a wide range of anti-cancer drugs.

Shares in CDW closed 0.01 cent higher or 3.6% up at 29 cents on March 1.