Swiss private banking group Julius Baer has implemented its digital advisory platform – the Digital Advisory Suite (DiAS) – in Asia, its second home market.

The award-winning platform serves as a fully integrated solution that ensures a seamless end-to-end advisory process. It also provides relationship managers with a wide overview of client situations and helps identify opportunities for engagement.

In addition, DiAS was designed to boost efficiency through simplifying the complexity of regulations for relationship managers, automating administration and saving time in delivering investment advice.

The suite also goes through Julius Baer’s investment universe and recommends ideas that meet clients’ investment objectives according to their risk appetite levels.

According to the bank, DiAS goes beyond previous systems by blending machine learning algorithms with the precise requirements of relationship managers.

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“At Julius Baer, we believe that it is paramount to leverage technology to innovate. We constantly enhance how we serve and delight our clients,” states Rajesh Manwani, head markets and wealth management solutions Asia Pacific.

As today’s advisors are expected to provide personalised proposals, navigate complex cross-border regulations, handle administrative tasks and respond to real-time expectations – all while serving more clients in the fast-moving financial markets, a FinTech assistant like DiAS is imperative.

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“There are three ways in which DiAS makes an impact,” explains Rajesh. “First, DiAS offers customised investment content, so that our advisors can meet the needs of their clients more easily. Secondly, it enables client-facing staff to navigate complex regulatory requirements and offers compliant advice effectively. Thirdly, the assistant automates administrative duties. It saves time and improves efficiency.”

“At Julius Baer, we believe that it is paramount to leverage technology to innovate and constantly enhance our services,” says Nicolas de Skowronski, co-head of investment and wealth management solutions, Bank Julius Baer.

“Julius Baer is one of very few international private banks to have all their major booking centres on one digital advisory platform. To achieve such significant efficiency gains while still keeping the platform connected to our vast technology architecture, we needed a bespoke solution such as DiAS which was created from scratch by our teams across Zurich and Asia,” Skowronski adds.

Jimmy Lee, head Asia Pacific, Bank Julius Baer says: “In light of changing market conditions and the evolving needs of clients in Asia, it is increasingly imperative for the financial industry to accelerate innovation and digital transformation.”

“Integrated digital advisory platforms such as DiAS will empower relationship managers to manage portfolios efficiently and serve our clients in the region with best-in-class advice and customised solutions. Julius Baer will continue to invest significantly in technology to help relationship managers strengthen personal connections with clients,” he adds.