Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has made parking across NTU’s multiple campuses easier and more convenient with its barrier-free smart car park on September 14.

The smart car park system pairs with the GoParkin mobile app that integrates technologies including automatic number plate recognition, data analytics, and mobile payment technologies that leads to a ticketless and barrier-free parking solution.

NTU says the new system, which is the university’s latest initiative to create better learning and living experiences through digital and tech-enabled solutions, helps motorists overcome issues encountered in conventional car park systems and delivers “significant” operational and maintenance cost savings for car park operators.

To benefit from the new features, motorists must register via the GoParkin mobile app and provide the required details.

“The new Smart Car Park Platform is an example of yet another innovation that improves everyday life through technology-enabled solutions. This is in line with the NTU Smart Campus vision whereby we harness the power of technology in a sustainable manner to improve the quality of life of members of our community,” says Subra Suresh, NTU president.

“The Smart Car Park technology will enable us to enhance the experience of visiting, living and working at NTU for our students, employees and guests.  It will also give us better insights and data analytics to improve our services while reducing cost,” Suresh adds.

Ravinder Singh, president of ST Engineering’s electronics arm says, “Smart Car Parks manage parking in a more effective and sustainable way, reducing air pollution and traffic congestion which improve motorists’ experience.”

“Beyond these, insights on car park usage can potentially generate new value-added services for motorists and transform business models for car park operators. Smart Car Parks are integral to the smart cities of the future, and ST Engineering is proud to play a part in advancing NTU’s Smart Campus vision,” Singh adds.

The system has started operating on NTU’s main Jurong campus, and will be implemented at all 59 car parks in its campuses including Novena and One North.

As at 10.35am, shares in ST Engineering are trading 1 cent higher, or 0.3% up, at $3.42.