SINGAPORE (July 21): Phillip Securities, the brokerage arm of PhillipCapital, has released the artificial intelligence (AI)-backed Discovery module within its online trading platform POEMS on Tuesday.

The new module is said to help investors discover new trading opportunities and learn about new stocks at their fingertips.

The module leverages on AI-driven technology to match trading opportunities of the top listed companies in the world to investors trading on POEMS. The multifaceted algorithms used here, are designed by the data science team at Phillip Securities.

The data-driven approach, says Phillip Securities, is void of human bias, which is hard to avoid in stocks identified through technical analysis, and other methods.

“As trade experts have the tendency to focus on their areas of interest, they may sometimes overlook certain trade signals or correlations between counters,” it says in a statement.

How the module works, is that once investors buy and sell shares on POEMS’ platforms, counter pairs are assigned correlation factors and are mapped out to determine how closely linked they are. Clients who have not traded on the platform before will be shown popular counters to kickstart their trades.

As the largest non-bank backed retail broker in Singapore, Phillip Securities’ algorithms tap into a huge pool of data to generate reliable insights.

“We want investors to seize good trading opportunities. We want to make trading opportunities more prevalent to everyone. From new investors to seasoned traders, clients may find new ideas to diversify their trades,” says Xia Jianyun, head of Phillip Securities’ Active Trader platform.

“Discovery module adapts to traders’ holdings and behaviour and highlights relevant stocks. We are excited by the capabilities this function provides to enhance clients’ trading experience," he adds.