All workers’ dormitories in Singapore, where the bulk of the confirmed cases took place, have been declared by the Ministry of Manpower to be cleared of Covid-19.

The only exception are 17 standalone blocks in six purpose-built dormitories used as quarantine facilities for a total of 22,500 workers.

Some 81% of construction, marine shipyard and process foreign workers have been given the so-called Green AccessCode, which means they can be back at work, albeit with safe-distancing measures in place.

On Aug 11, the Ministry of Health reported 61 new Covid-19 cases – the lowest daily tally since April. 

Thus far, there are 55,353 cases in Singapore and 27 deaths caused by the virus. Out of which, 50,128 cases have been discharged, and as of Aug 11, there are a total of 5,198 active cases.