Leading water and environmental group Tritech Group Limited has entered the sanitiser and disinfectant industry with its newly developed proprietary product VaVie Clean Wash Sanitise (CWS).

According to a statement released by Tritech on September 14, the product is created by leveraging on the group’s “well-established” expertise with water and membrane technology.

The National Environmental Agency (NEA), Singapore Food Agency (SFA), and Health Sciences Authority (HSA) have, in principle, approved the manufacture and sale of the product in Singapore.

The product has been tested effective by Microchem Laboratory in the US, and has been proven to have strong antibacterial properties.

The ingredients in the product have been classified as non-hazardous and are of food grade quality.

Tritech says the decision to enter the sanitiser and disinfectant industry was a strategic one as it diversifies its product lines and contributes an additional revenue stream to the group.

It also allows the group’s water and membrane technology to expand from “municipal and industrial application” into commercial use.

Batch production has started and this product is expected to contribute revenue in this financial year ending March 31, 2021.

“The sanitiser and disinfectant industry have seen a large spike in growth due to coronavirus. This is not all one-time, it is a change in consumer behaviour and a social shift towards increased awareness about cleanliness,” says Jeffrey Wang, Tritech’s managing director.

“This presented a unique opportunity for the group to diversify its product lines and expand its revenue streams. We look forward to improving the group’s profitability by riding this trend,” Wang adds.

Tritech was in the news earlier in the year when its executives were charged with bribing a former official from the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

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As at 3.12pm, shares in Tritech were trading 0.2 cent higher, or 15.4% up, at 1.5 cents.