CDW Holding, on July 19, has secured a license – through a sales distribution agreement – to distribute Tocad Energy’s “CUBOX” line of portable lithium-ion battery packs in Japan.

The agreement was signed by CDW Holding’s subsidiary Tomoike Industrial.

Tocad Energy is a leading energy storage systems manufacturer in Japan.

The CUBOX battery packs serve as emergency power sources for server rooms, point of sales systems, as well as for healthcare essentials such as life support systems, ventilators and medical refrigerators.

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The battery packs are also said to be able to power ultra-low temperature freezers used to store Covid-19 vaccines.

They can be used at mobile vaccination sites to deliver vaccines to underpopulated areas, far from major cities.

“The demand for rechargeable energy storage systems will only continue to grow, especially in the healthcare sector. As the Covid-19 current pandemic has shown, decentralized access to healthcare services like vaccinations will become a key measure of countries’ resilience to natural calamities like this one. High-performance battery packs like the CUBOX are critical to such capabilities,” says Yoshikawa Makoto, chairman and CEO of the group.

As at 11.06am, shares in CDW are trading 1.5 cents higher or 5.7% up at 28 cents.