Singapore and Brunei Darussalam have agreed on a “green lane” arrangement that will facilitate essential business and official travel for residents from both countries from September 1.

The arrangement will allow the safe resumption of cross-border movement for a “limited number of people”, according to a joint statement from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Singapore and Brunei.

Eligible applicants for the reciprocal green lane include all legal residents from Brunei and Singapore who need to travel for business and official purposes between both countries.

Travellers under the arrangement will be required to observe pre-departure health measures such as remaining in their respective countries for at least 14 days before travelling, and taking Covid-19 tests once every 72 hours (or three days) before departure.

On August 23, Singapore said that it will allow general travel to and from New Zealand and Brunei as it eases border control measures.

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On July 26, Singapore and Malaysia agreed to reopen borders to allow bilateral travel for work and official purposes.

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