Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering) has won a contract to provide 96 sets of platform screen doors (PSD) for all four new underground stations on Queensland’s Cross River Rail.

The contract marks ST Engineering’s first foray into the Australian rail market.

Cross River Rail is a new 10.2km rail line that includes 5.9km of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and Brisbane Central Business District. It is Queensland’s largest public infrastructure project.

Chew Men Leong, head of smart mobility at ST Engineering, expects the contract will serve as a springboard to future opportunities in Australia.

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“Having built smart metro systems that have helped to connect transport networks, ease traffic congestion and enhance commuter safety all over the world, we are excited to participate in this signature public infrastructure project which will improve connectivity and quality of life for communities in South East Queensland,” he says.

To date, ST Engineering says it has deployed over 100 rail electronics solutions across 48 cities worldwide.

As at 12.06pm, shares in ST Engineering are down 1 cent or 0.25% lower at $3.97.