SINGAPORE (July 4): China Everbright Water, the environmental protection company focusing on water environment management, recently secured three projects worth a total of RMB340 million ($67.1 million).

The projects were Liaoning Dalian Pulandian reusable water project, upgrading and expansion of the Inner Mongolia Tongliao Development Zone wastewater treatment project and expansion of the Shandong Dezhou Lingcheng wastewater pipeline network PPP project.

The Pulandian water project will be developed on a ROT (Rehabilitate-Operate-Transfer) model. With a designed daily reusable water supply capacity of 40,000 cubic metres and a concession period of 20 years, the project has a total investment value of RMB105.7 million.

The Tongliao upgrading and expansion project will be built on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model, and has an investment value of RMB169.4 million. The designed daily wastewater treatment capacity will increase from 30,000 cubic metres to 50,000 cubic metres and the discharged water will comply with the national Grade 1A standard.

With a total investment value of RMB65 million, the Dezhou pipeline expansion project will be constructed on a BOT model and involves includes the development of 10.24 kilometres of waste water pipeline network.

China Everbright Water achieved the dual-listed status in Singapore and Hong Kong on May 8. CEO An Xuesong says this helped the stock attract different investors and broaden its shareholder base.

Shares in China Everbright Water closed 1 cent higher at 35 cents on Thursday.