SINGAPORE (May 29): Vanda Global Capital, a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) licensed Singapore financial institution, has announced its strategic partnership with established law firm Drew & Napier LLC on Thursday.

Vanda Global Capital, which already counts the Singapore Exchange (SGX) as one of its partners, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Drew & Napier to offer Vanda-supported companies access to services such as strategic advisory and legal services. The move will help aid local and international businesses to raise capital, seek trade exits or listings on the SGX and other global exchanges.

The collaboration is one of the initiatives by Vanda Global Capital to develop a world-class ecosystem of systemically important organisations, institutions, and companies. The move also comes on the back of MAS’s unveiling of a billion-dollar Green Investments Programme under the theme of Sustainability & Climate change.

This strategic alliance also allows Vanda Global Capital, Drew & Napier, and SGX to explore opportunities for Singapore’s homegrown businesses to develop a robust platform for economic co-operation in the region.

“We are delighted to name Drew & Napier as a Strategic Legal Partner as part of our enterprise-wide efforts. Drew & Napier offers a full suite of legal services and is well-placed to provide invaluable legal support to all our businesses and portfolio companies. With its pedigree and depth, I cannot think of a better firm for this purpose,” says Low Wei Ling, CEO of Vanda Global Capital.

“While our economy, and in fact the world at large, is buffeted with a multitude of challenges recently, such that most markets are depressed at this present moment, we are already gearing ourselves for a strong rebound when the storm passes. We’re confident that when economic stability eventually resumes, Singapore’s vision of establishing the nation as a leading innovation fintech hub will further accelerate,” she adds.

“This is the first time our 131-year-old law firm is entering such a strategic collaboration with a Singapore financial institution. In respect of any deal transactions, including any fund raising activities, involving Vanda-supported companies, Drew is pleased to offer a full suite of legal services to facilitate the growth and development of Vanda-supported companies and businesses,” says Benjamin Gaw, director at Drew & Napier.

“We have now built a mutual ecosystem to benefit our clients, and both teams look forward to helping companies develop into leaders in their respective industries. Both entities are at the forefront of their industries, so our clients will have access to the best talents to enable them to become a formidable force in the marketplace,” Gaw adds.