Singapore eDevelopment (SeD) announced on September 9 that its related company, Document Security Systems (DSS), has initiated a bioplastics research collaboration with one of the world’s largest plastic manufacturers.

The collaboration was entered through Impact BioLife Science, a subsidiary of Impact BioMedical, which is in turn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSS.

The collaboration is focused on developing five new types of advanced microbial-resistant plastics and builds upon the existing research of Nobel Prize winner Daryl Thompson, founder of advance research company, GRDG Sciences, and Impact BioLife’s Director of Scientific Initiatives.

“Under this collaboration, we are specifically looking at solutions for common products such as cups, plates, utensils, plastic bags, and even counter tops, which together represent a significant and timely market opportunity,” says Thompson.

He adds that the research and testing phase are targeted to be completed early in the fourth quarter of 2020.

As at 9.12am, shares in SeD are trading 0.3 cent higher, or 5.4% up, at 5.9 cents.