Shares in Ossia International surged to a high of 17.7 cents in the morning of September 10 before the company requested a trading halt at 11.20am.

As it turns out, the increase was likely due to the erroneous cash dividend announcement the company made on September 9 after market trading hours.

In the announcement, Ossia declared its proposed and final dividend to be at 90 cents per share.

The company issued a correction on September 10, that the dividend was supposed to be 0.9 cents per share instead.

Following the announcement and the subsequent lifting of the trading halt, shares fell to as low as 11.5 cents at 9.18am on September 11, representing a 35.0% drop.

As at 9.40am, shares in Ossia were trading 3.8 cents lower, or 21.5% down, at 13.9 cents.