Quarz Capital Asia announced that it has sold yet another 60,000 shares at $1.63 per share, reducing its stake from 15,211,700 shares to 15,151,700, or 7.866%, according to a Feb 19 filing.

Following Sunningdale’s request for a trading halt before market open on the same day, the activist investor released a statement, through SGX, at 11.31am, disclosing its share transactions in the company.

Since Feb 2 to Feb 18, Quarz has been on a selling spree, selling a total of 645,000 shares in Sunningdale at prices ranging from $1.62 to $1.64 per share.

Quarz revealed that it last bought 1,000 shares at $1.63 apiece in the company on Jan 29.

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Shares in Sunningdale Tech last traded at $1.64 before its trading halt.