SINGAPORE (June 24): Homegrown mobile virtual network provider Circles.Life is launching its digital mobile services in Taiwan on the back of a partnership with one of island’s largest telco players.

Circles.Life Taiwan enables customers to sign up on the Internet with a SIM card being delivered the very next day, as well as flexible and no-contract plans which free customers from paying for unused data, unlike the current rigid plans that bind them.

The services are made possible by Circles.Life’s unique technology stack that enables it to launch new services in weeks instead of years.

Circles.Life’s founder Abhishek Gupta says, “Circles-X’s agility makes launching digital mobile services in a new market as immediate as launching an app. We are the first to do this in the telco space, and our Taiwan launch is just the start of our ambitions globally.”

Circles.Life says the decision to enter Taiwan’s market stems from the apparent shortcomings of Taiwanese telco players – ranging from hidden costs like startup and registration fees, to a poor overall digital experience inclusive of binding customers with contracts for up to 36 months.

In contrast, Circles.Life aims to free customers from contracts and give them control through the power of Circles-X.

Circles.Life says it has captured 5% of the mobile telco market share in Singapore since its launch in 2016. Australia will be the next country as part of its international expansion plans.