CDW Life Science – the subsidiary of CDW Holding – has just launched an anti-ageing cream after five years of R&D efforts in Japan.

Called the YOSHIMI Night Cream X, the anti-ageing cream contains 38 different types of herbs, flower and fruit extracts. It also has active ingredients such as vitamin B3 and fullerene which have shown to have anti-ageing properties.

What sets this cream apart from the dozens on the market is the usage of pterostilbene glycoside, an antioxidant developed jointly by the CDW group and Professor Emeritus Hiroki Hamada from the Okayama University of Science. 

Pterostilbene is a type of antioxidant that is commonly found in grapes, berries, and other plants. It becomes water-soluble when glycosylated, allowing it to be absorbed better and remain in the skin for a longer time.

A study conducted by Japanese skincare giant, Cosmo Beauty on an early prototype of the pterostilbene glycoside cream found that the ingredient improved the apparence wrinkles by 20% on average, within four weeks of daily use.

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CDW Holding has obtained a patent for the antioxidant in Japan and South Korea.

At present, customers living in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore can buy the cream online at YOSHIMI Japan’s online store.

“The launch of the [night cream] is an important development for the company and the industry,” says Yoshikawa Makoto, the Chairman and CEO of CDW Holding.

He adds that the group is the first to harness the tremendous potential of pterostilbene glycoside in the skincare and cosmetic industry.

For now, Makoto does not expect sales revenue from the YOSHIMI Night Cream X to have a significantly material impact on the group’s performance in FY2021 ending on Dec 31.

Shares in CDW Holding closed up 0.5 cents or 2.17% at 24 cents on Sep 29.

Cover image: Yoshimi