Starting Sept 8, 2020, The Edge Singapore is launching the all-new Brokers’ Digest LIVE webcast series. This weekly episode, to be aired on The Edge Singapore's Facebook Live, provides a catch up before the opening bell on the US market. Hosted by Goola Warden, Executive Editor of The Edge Singapore, along with guest speaker Christopher Brankin, CEO, TD Ameritrade Singapore, the 15-minute airtime will discuss a range of issues affecting the US markets from quantitative easing to the US-China trade war and the state of the US equity markets.  

Equity markets are notoriously fickle. Still what is apparent is the continued strength of the US market, driven in large part by tech stocks, chief among them the FAANGs — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Alphabet (formerly Google). Now at new highs, how much further can the S&P500 and Nasdaq rise? Is it time for some sector rotation? Find out in Brokers Digest. Although the first webcast is on a Tuesday due Labour Day in the US, Brokers’ Digest will otherwise be broadcast every Monday at 4 pm, till end November.

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