PT Bank UOB Indonesia (UOB Indonesia) launched TMRW, United Overseas Bank’s digital-only bank on Aug 3. TMRW’s account opening process  takes just nine minutes. Verification of an identity is done via a video call with a live agent. Customer queries are handled by TMRW’s 24-hour chatbot named TIA (TMRW Intelligence Assistant) that converses in Bahasa Indonesia.

TMRW uses transaction data to provide insights to prompt customers to action by adopting various FinTechs in which UOB has either an investment or a joint venture. These include companies such as Personetics, an Icelandic company Meniga which does complex data categorisation, and Avetec.AI which focuses on AI-driven credit assessment.

UOB launched TMRW in Thailand in February last year. Unlike a digital banking app which is part of an omnichannel banking strategy, TMRW has no physical branches and its primary business model is to use data to engage customers. To better gauge its progress, TMRW uses net promoter score (NPS), which is an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.

In Indonesia, TMRW will use Quick Response (QR) code payments, enabling fast and convenient payment to registered sellers and merchants simply by scanning a QR code. This feature is part of UOB’s support for the National Non-Cash Movement (Gerakan Nasional Non-Tunai) using the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) as the platform.