United Overseas Bank (UOB) says it has launched the UOB Finance Academy on Monday (August 3) to enable its employees with the soft and technical skills for them to become future leaders in their field.

The inaugural cohort of the Academy will include all employees in UOB’s Finance function in Singapore.

The Academy helps participants to deepen their knowledge of banking especially in areas such as risk management, regulation and liquidity management.

Through the Academy, participants will also sharpen their financial acumen through modules that encourage an analytical approach to evaluating strategies and risks, as well as accounting and bank financial analysis.

Participants can also choose to develop specialised skills in areas such as asset and liability management, and project management. In addition, the Academy will arm participants with technical skills such as advanced data analytics.

The in-house designed Academy builds on Better U, UOB’s award-winning flagship learning and development programme accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF).

Better U helps UOB employees build five core competencies such as having a growth mindset and complex problem solving skills, as well as skills in the areas of digital innovation, human-centred design, and data storytelling.

Once participants have completed Better U, they are then able to progress through the Academy’s structured three-month learning programme which is designed to equip them with the skillsets and tools to help them advance in their careers.

“As with so many jobs, the role of a finance professional is changing as digital innovation impacts more areas of work. At UOB, we want to ensure that our people are equipped and ready to take on the opportunities that will come with ongoing transformation and change,” says Lee Wai Fai, UOB’s Group CFO.

“The UOB Finance Academy charts clear and achievable milestones for our people in UOB’s Finance function to develop the necessary knowledge, mindset and skillsets to progress towards leadership roles in the finance industry,” he adds.

Shares in UOB closed $19.39 on Thursday (July 30).