Want a car that can keep pace with your hectic lifestyle? Try the Hyundai Tucson

SINGAPORE (May 13): A day in the life of a working mother can be both stressful and rewarding. Rene De Payva, a mother of two children under the age of 10, wakes up at 5am every day to get her children ready for school. After that, her day is busy with work and other family commitments. That is why a reliable family car that offers space and flexibility is vital.

Based on her hectic lifestyle, Options, together with Hyundai, chose the Hyundai Tucson SUV for De Payva to try for a day. The car is versatile and great for activities such as a trip to the supermarket or a family outing. The new Hyundai Tucson 2019 boasts 488 litres of cargo space in the rear, which increases to more than 1,400 litres when the back seats are folded down. Packed full with safety features such as blind-spot collision warning, six airbags and advanced high-strength steel for the car body, the Hyundai Tucson gives families peace of mind when they are on the road.

De Payva says, “I try to spend as much time as I can with my children, and this [when travelling in the car] is when I chat with them and basically be there for them. It is important too that I teach them about road etiquette and how not to misbehave while in a moving car.”

We accompanied her and her children – Tyler, eight, and Tessa, five — as she took the car for a test drive one Sunday. First stop, family time in church, then a short drive to Kallang Wave Mall for some grocery shopping. The generous cargo space and smart tailgate system can be useful when going to the supermarket. The tailgate’s wide opening makes it easier to load anything from groceries to bags. It is even wide enough to let the children help out too.

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“The Tucson is packed with features that both the children and I love,” says De Payva.

 The features she is referring to are the Tucson’s wide array of technology, which makes the experience more enjoyable. It ranges from Apple CarPlay integration to a wireless charging tray and smart tailgate system that opens in proximity to the car key. The driver’s seat features a 10-way power seat that can be adjusted to the driver’s liking.

On the road, the Tucson’s responsive handling allows the driver to comfortably steer the SUV without much effort. The 1.6-litre direct injection turbocharged engine and seven-speed double-clutch gearbox provide for a great drive.

The Tucson boasts three driving modes: Eco, Sport and Comfort. Eco controls the engine, while Sport kicks it up a notch and makes the throttle response even better. Comfort lies in between the two modes, with an emphasis on providing a smooth driving and ride experience.

De Payva also likes the car’s audio system. “I could plug my phone into [the system] and sync it with the apps on my phone. With Spotify linked to it, the kids and I were able to sing along to our favourite tunes.” The steering wheel has controls for music and the display on the dashboard enables the driver to keep her eyes on the road even when adjusting the volume or searching for a song.

De Payva says, “Tyler was more interested in the e-maps and he enjoyed watching the map as it traced our journey on the screen.”

The Tucson is spacious — the more than 140cm of shoulder room, over 97cm of legroom and 99cm of headroom allow the passengers and driver to sit comfortably. It has a sun roof that can be opened for fresh air as well for the children to pop their heads out — when the SUV is stationary, of course.

“From the sun roof to space in the back seat for the kids to spread out, the Tucson is great for the family. The boot space is big enough to pack in all the groceries for the week as well as the toys and supplies my children would need for a picnic in the park,” says De Payva. And this is exactly what the family did as they headed to Pasir Ris Park for some fun in the sun.

The SUV boasts an economical 7.1 litres per 100km and, with a 62-litre tank, there is little worry of being stranded after running out of fuel. All in all, the Tucson offers everything a family needs for a day out. “The kids really enjoyed having the car for a day, as it allowed us to spend quality time together,” De Payva adds in hushed tones, as the children were fast asleep in the back seat, exhausted after a day of family fun.

At the end of the test ride, we asked De Payva whether she would consider purchasing a Hyundai Tucson herself. Her reply was a definite “Yes”.