SINGAPORE (Aug 1): Singapore’s National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) Employment and Employability Institute, known as e2i for short, has partnered Danish manufacturer Universal Robots (UR) to offer a new robotics course which commences today.  

Known as the UR Collaborative Robotics Course, the programme will be held at UR’s new training facility in Singapore and will be available in three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

Each course will be run for 24 hours by a certified UR trainer, and is designed to provide participants deeper insight into robotics, automation, risk assessments and safety standards, programming, development and engineering of automated solutions.

For instance, participants will learn how to identify ideal processes for automation, gain knowledge about the use of multiple end-of-arm robotic tools, and understand how to configure safety systems and program simple collaborative applications such as ‘pick and place’.

Those who successfully complete the UR Advanced Collaborative Robotics Course can progress further with UR’s Application Specific Elective Modules, which are each four hours long and will guide participants in building complex application projects such as polishing & gluing and machine tending.

In a Wednesday release, UR says it hopes to train more than 500 participants per year in the subject of robotics through the new UR Collaborative Robotics Course, which is open to the general public including foreigners and non-residences.

Interested individuals may select their preferred courses and training dates as they sign up via Universal Robots’ web page.

Applicants are, however, required to have Singapore’s National Institute of Technical Education Certificate (NITEC) or equivalent as minimum entry requirements.

Each course is priced at $2,696.40, with Singaporeans and PRs entitled to receive up to 50% training grant on course fees. NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year when they sign up for courses supported under NTUC’s Union Training Assistance Programme.

Shermine Gotfredsen, UR’s general manager, Southeast Asia and Oceania, says the UR Collaborative Robotics Course is a timely solution considering how automation and robotics have become an integral part of our lives, as well as Singapore’s progression towards its Smart Nation vision.

“To fully reap the benefits of robotics and automation, workforce up-skilling is essential… There is greater urgency to nurture a pipeline of talent to take on new and higher value jobs that will arise from automation. This also subsequently improves an individual’s career prospects,” says Gotfredsen.