SINGAPORE (Aug 6): Out of concern for social issues in the republic, 11 individuals and the Community Foundation of Singapore have created a fund called Mind the Gap 200 with $10 million.

The money will be used to partner public and social sectors in projects to alleviate social issues in four areas: community, education, healthcare and sustainability. 

Mind the Gap 200 is divided into 10 funds with specific mandates that fall into the four focus areas. For example, the intergenerational fund falls under community and will promote bonding between the elderly and the youth; while the knowledge fund under education will support those with learning difficulties or need vocational training.

This year, about $1 million will be disbursed towards projects in palliative care.

In recognition of the country’s bicentennial celebrations, Mind the Gap 200 aims to “create a legacy of impact that will last another 200 years and beyond”, the foundation said in a press release on Tuesday.

The press release said the donors will continue to contribute to their funds so there is a “steady stream of grants to be disbursed over time, to sustain efforts in addressing identified social issues”.

Catherine Loh, CEO of CFS, says: “With social issues getting more complex, donors are increasingly recognising that their philanthropic efforts will be more effective if they move away from ad hoc, fragmented giving and towards adopting a more considered, longer term approach.”

Chew Sutat, one of the 11 donors, says, “MtG200 seeks to contribute towards building a better and stronger Singapore. By expressing solidarity with those in need, individual philanthropic giving has helped to alleviate social strains. MtG200 hopes to add on to these efforts in an organised way and together with the support of CFS, we can bring about positive and impactful change in a way that is exponentially larger than what we can ever achieve individually.”