SINGAPORE (Nov 7): Samuel Goh Sze-Wei, a prosecution witness in the ongoing trial of ex-BSI wealth planner Yeo Jiawei, received some US$4 million in fees, for playing the role of an intermediary, the court heard earlier today.

Cross-examined in this morning, Goh was described by Yeo’s lawyer Philip Fong that he was an active participant in the structures created with Yeo, which has siphoned money from BSI clients including Brazen Sky, a subsidiary of 1MDB.

Throughout the proceedings, Goh has maintained that he merely took instructions from Yeo. “I act as his nominee, I acted on his instructions.”

Yeo is on trial for four charges of obstructing the course of justice. He is alleged to have asked Goh, as well as Yeo’s own former supervisor at BSI, Kevin Swampillai, to concoct a fake story when asked by investigators about the fund flows. Yeo faces seven other charges of money laundering, which will be heard next April.

Among other things, Goh said Yeo was the one who prepared documents such as share transfer agreements, referral agreements, for Goh to sign, along with instructions for Goh to pass on to the banks that made the transfers.

He added that throughout the years of working relationship, Yeo was the one with intimate knowledge and expertise in creating fund structures. Yeo was also the one making the introductions to parties such as other fund services and banks.

“Do you have a habit of signing documents blindly?” asked Fong. “Your role was not simply one where you acted on instructions of Mr Yeo. You were not acting as a robot,” said Fong, referring to the US$4 million Yeo earned for his playing his part.

During the cross examination, Fong pointed out Goh’s participation in various activities. For example, Goh admitted to travelling to Melbourne to meet with an Australian fund manager, Avestra, where he met other parties such as Yeo.

Goh was also asked if at that Melbourne meeting, he met one Terence Geh, executive director of finance at 1MDB. “The name sounds familiar,” said Goh in response.

The next witness to take the stand in the afternoon is Pinto Jose Renato Carvalho, of Amicorp. Yeo is alleged to have asked Carvalho to stay away from Singapore and to destroy his notebook computer after investigators started closing in.

Yeo himself might take the stand on Wednesday afternoon.