SINGAPORE (Nov 16): Yeo Jiawei, the former BSI wealth planner on trial for four charges of witness tampering, on Wednesday morning admitted in court that he had lied to the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD).

While he was under remand, Yeo had told CAD as recently as Apr 27 this year that he neither owned nor used a secondary mobile line.

Under cross examination by Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Kiat Pheng on Wednesday, Yeo revealed that he had indeed been using a secondary mobile line since Oct last year.

This was used to keep in touch with his business associates and friends – Samuel Goh and Kelvin Ang – as well as his former boss at BSI, Kevin Swampillai.

The term “Bangla phone” was used earlier in the trial to refer to SIM cards and phones that belonged to construction workers that have since left Singapore and are therefore untraceable.

Yeo claimed that he was afraid that he would get charged, and was confused at the time he lied to CAD. “I had no access to my lawyer and no contact with my family,” he said.

“You need a lawyer to tell the truth?” DPP Tan retorted.

In addition, the prosecutor got Yeo to acknowledge that he has been the main point of contact to the various witnesses he is accused of tampering with. Yeo also acknowledged that he did not fall out with these witnesses, and that their relationship was OK all along.

"They are not out to fix you, and so they have no reason to lie in this court," said Tan.

"I do not know why they did not say the truth,” Yeo said. “What they said was not entirely the truth. They only want to save their own skin.”