As regional Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Angeline Yap swiftly propelled V-ZUG into prominence, securing major projects in record time. Her infectious passion, boundless energy, and unwavering drive not only fuel her own achievements but also serve as a catalyst for inspiring others to elevate their performance to unprecedented levels.

There's simply no one quite like Angeline Yap. With over two decades of managerial expertise under her belt, she stands as a titan in the regional business landscape. As a seasoned executive, she's held pivotal roles as Regional Managing Director, President, and board member, consistently surpassing expectations and driving unparalleled success in top-tier companies.

Her career trajectory is a testament to her exceptional leadership and business acumen, spanning a multitude of industries including telecommunications, FMCG, medical devices, precious metals, and more. Angeline's strategic vision and unwavering dedication have led to remarkable achievements, propelling businesses to new heights and securing her reputation as a transformative leader.

Notably, Angeline's impact and her adaptability extends beyond her current role at V-ZUG, with previous successes across different industries, where she spearheaded exponential growth and garnered accolades for profitability. Her ability to navigate complex markets and drive organizational change underscores her versatility and resilience in the face of challenges.

In her latest endeavour as regional Managing Director for Southeast Asia, she wasted no time in establishing V-ZUG's presence and securing significant projects within a remarkably short timeframe. Her passion, energy, and drive are palpable, driving not only her own success but also inspiring those around her to reach new heights.

Angeline's leadership style is characterised by humility and empowerment, as she consistently uplifts and supports those around her. Her formidable presence serves as a beacon of strength, with her unwavering support akin to having an entire army by one's side. It's no wonder that those fortunate enough to collaborate with her attest to her invaluable knowledge, insight, and dedication, which are instrumental in bringing projects to fruition.

As Angeline continues to chart new territories and redefine standards of excellence, the world eagerly awaits the brilliance that her visionary mind will undoubtedly produce next.

1. Have you encountered any specific challenges unique to being a woman in this field, and if so, how have you addressed them?
In navigating the business landscape, I've encountered challenges that are, unfortunately, not uncommon for women in the field. One specific challenge has been breaking through gender biases and preconceptions especially in a male dominated engineering industry. To address this, I've consistently focused on showcasing my skills, competencies, and leadership qualities, letting my achievements speak for themselves. Having an engineering background helps in analysing problems objectively. By fostering open communication and advocating for gender-neutral evaluations, I've worked towards dismantling stereotypes and promoting a more inclusive work environment.

2. Have you found mentors or allies within the organization who have been particularly supportive of your career development?
Fortunately, I've been blessed to have company willing to invest in grooming me for my first Managing Director position, Heraeus paid a professional Mentor whom has over 20 years as CEO in a US MNC, to bouncing ideas with me before I was officially given the Managing Director position. I was the youngest Managing Director in German MNC in the company at the age 29. I worked very closely with Dr Gerner, the Heraeus’ Group CEO then. He was based in Germany and had over 120 subsidiaries worldwide to manage. Dr Gerner trusted me after witnessing how I grew 2 separate Business Units by 200% within a short span of 2-3 years. Until today, I am still grateful for the opportunities that was given to me especially in a German company. I recalled I was the only woman Managing Director when I took my seat among the Managing Directors worldwide.

My direct personality won allies who played pivotal roles in my career development. They saw my dedication and focus. These individuals, both within and outside the organization, have provided valuable guidance, shared experiences, and offered unwavering support. Their direct and indirect guidance have not only helped me navigate challenges but has also empowered me to aspire to pass my knowledge to my next generation of new managers. Building strong relationships with peers and having mentors and allies to challenge your ideas has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey.

3. What steps do you think companies can take to promote diversity and inclusion in male-dominated industries?

Promoting diversity and inclusion in male-dominated industries requires a multifaceted approach. Companies can start by implementing policies and initiatives that foster an inclusive workplace culture, such as diverse hiring practices, mentorship programs, and leadership development opportunities for minorities (woman, race). Additionally, creating a supportive environment where women feel empowered to voice their ideas and contribute to decision-making processes is essential for promoting diversity and inclusion

4. What skills or qualities do you think are particularly valuable for women to cultivate to succeed in this field?
Success in this field requires a blend of skills and qualities. Firstly, cultivating strong leadership skills is paramount. The ability to communicate effectively, build relationships, and lead teams with empathy and resilience is crucial. I am very fortunate to be able to build a strong and dynamic team. Adaptability and a willingness to embrace change are also valuable, given the dynamic nature of the business landscape. Moreover, continuous learning, staying abreast of industry trends, and fostering a collaborative mindset are qualities that can propel women to succeed in traditionally male-dominated industries.

5. Can you share any personal experiences or anecdotes that highlight the unique dynamics of being a woman in the profession that you are in?
One might agree that women have the ability to multi task, but to be able to navigate in a fast pace environment and emerged triumphant requires resilience. As a leader, the strategies you implement has to be sustainable long term. You need to be visionary to always stay ahead. As a manager, you need to take care of your employees, their well-being and happiness. These take a lot of time sacrifices.

However, I am also a doting mother. Besides spending as much time with my daughter, and guiding her through her schoolwork, you have to take care of her growing emotional needs too. Balancing the “two” jobs can be challenging at times. But I am enjoying it.


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