Unlock the potential for transformative positive energy in your home with a journey into the ancient art of feng shui. In this exploration, we turn to the insights of renowned metaphysics master, Joey Yap, who illuminates the pivotal areas shaping the harmony of your living space.

In this excerpt from the annual Thriver’s Guide 2024, Yap delves into five essential zones that hold the key to optimising your domestic sanctuary. The bedroom, balcony, kitchen, study and main door are integral components that wield significant influence over the energy dynamics within your home. Drawing from the wisdom of the annual Flying Star chart, he guides us through the cardinal points and directions that demand emphasis or subtlety, unveiling the nuanced dance between cosmic forces and the physical spaces we inhabit.

As we embark on this insightful journey, Yap's expertise demystifies the esoteric aspects of feng shui, offering a tangible roadmap to ensure a harmonious, prosperous and fulfilling year ahead. Join us in the pursuit of a happy, healthy, and wealthy living environment by incorporating the timeless principles of feng shui into your daily life.

The gateway to serene living

The main door is the primary gateway to your residence, serving as the primary conduit for qi energy to enter your home. It is undoubtedly the most frequently accessed area of your dwelling and holds significance in feng shui principles. This pivotal space plays a vital role in channelling the harmonious flow of energy from the surrounding environment into your property. Ensuring that your front door faces the correct orientation and resides in a favourable sector is essential for welcoming auspicious qi and warding off negative energy.

The perch of peace

Balconies serve as the secondary qi channel within apartment or condo spaces, casting their influence on the overall harmony of your home. Much like the main door, they play a crucial role in determining the auspiciousness of your dwelling’s orientation, which in turn affects the influx of positive qi energy. When evaluating a prospective unit, it is imperative to ascertain whether the balcony resides in a propitious sector. To gauge the orientation of your balcony, simply step out onto it and face outwards.

The heart of the home

The kitchen is a bustling hub of culinary creativity, where delicious masterpieces are crafted, bodies are nurtured, and cherished memories are shared. When dissecting the kitchen’s feng shui, it’s crucial to focus on the strategic placement of the stove and sink. The stove

embodies the element of fire, while the sink symbolises water, and their positioning significantly influences the harmony within your space. A harmonious kitchen’s layout ensures that the elements co-exist peacefully, preventing any fiery clashes and watery conflicts.

Embrace restful harmony

The bedroom, where we invest a significant portion of our lives, serves as a sanctuary to unwind after demanding workdays, a refuge from the incessant calls for attention from children, a realm for rest and rejuvenation, and a space for meaningful connections with our partners. Exploring the ideal bedroom involves various considerations, such as the bed’s placement, the room’s layout, and the presence of additional elements. It is also advisable to position the bed’s headboard against a sturdy surface, such as a wall. This not only signifies robust support, but fosters a sense of deep tranquillity and well-being.

Where ambitions take root

Your workspace or study room is the realm where you invest your time sculpting ideas, pioneering innovations, devising strategies, and implementing plans for your business endeavours, career growth, wealth accumulation, and beyond. Therefore, it is imperative for this dedicated room to reside in an auspicious sector. The centrepiece of this space is the placement of your study desk and the direction it faces as you sit in the seat of creativity. Working in a harmonious environment can significantly enhance your ability to realise your ambitions.

Understanding the Flying Star chart

Feng shui is like a cosmic chessboard where your living space is divided into nine zones, creating a qi energy grid. Each zone has its own unique energy, aptly named a “star”. But here’s the twist - there are actually nine of them, with one zone being the “empty” centre.

These stars are not your regular fixtures; they are like cosmic nomads, flying around each year. That’s why they are called the “Nine Flying Stars”. One year they are radiating positive vibes, and the next, they might switch to a less-than-happy mood.

To play this cosmic game, you have got to understand and analyse the ever-changing Flying Star chart, or just engage a professional like Yap, who can expertly offer recommendations on how to enhance positive energy and mitigate negative influences in different areas of the home or office.

To start, dig up your house plan and overlay this annual Flying Star 2024 chart on it. Remember to align these numbers correctly according to the right directions. With this grid as your tool, you will uncover the energy dynamics within each room of your house, discerning the balance between positive and negative energies, and discovering how to optimise them for a prosperous 2024.

Zones to steer clear off

In the next stage, we delve into the Nine Flying Stars and their synergy with each sector of your home, unravelling their potential benefits for you. It pinpoints three key areas that warrant caution due to unique influences. Engaging in activities in these zones may pose risks such as material losses, health issues or accidents.

Two Black (southeast)

Pregnant women should be careful as this sector can put their baby in jeopardy; in hindsight you may see favourable returns from any property-related investments.

Seven Red (south)

Avoid activities in the south in 2024 due to the Three Killings 三煞. Any disruptions, renovations or ground-breaking ceremonies could lead to material losses, health issues, accidents or robberies. Stay cautious for a peaceful and secure environment.

Nine Purple (southwest)

A good corner with all around auspiciousness in this sector from wealth boost to fame and recognition to love, marriages and starting families.

One White (east)

In 2024, the east sector brings growth, self-improvement, and enhanced communication, fostering positive change, increased travel, and stronger bonds.

Five Yellow (west)

Exercise caution in the west sector dominated by the ominous Five Yellow 五黃. To avoid potential calamities, it is advisable to refrain from organising events or engaging in activities like renovations or refurbishments. Consider relocating family members or housemates from the west, ensuring a tranquil living environment. Keeping this sector untouched will safeguard you from potential troubles throughout the year.

Six White (northeast)

Seize office opportunities to advance your career. Be cautious of activating negative energies to avoid stress and health issues.

Eight White (north)

If you are on the path to prosperity and good fortune, this sector could be your golden opportunity to harness its energy.

Four Green (northwest)

It is go-time for academics, creatives and the like - expect a boost of creativity and inspiration while working in this sector. But avoid making big plans in the northwest 1 sector (the corner closest to the west sector). It is known as the Year Breaker. Patience is key; save changes for a more favourable time, ensuring you stay out of harm’s way. 


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