A stunning piece of art is nothing without the space it lives in. This same philosophy can also be applied to interior design where the right material application and colour treatment can really shine a spotlight on exceptional home appliances like V-ZUG’s state-of-the-art ovens and steam cookers from the Excellence Line.

Perfect for any interior design style from minimalist to maximalist, the Excellence Line appliances are based on a streamlined, uncluttered concept with flat panels that integrate seamlessly into any kitchen. All the design elements are harmonised across all of the brand’s offerings, which means that you can combine ovens, steam cookers, Coffee-Centers, dishwashers and WineCoolers in any permutation.

Here, Options speaks to two interior designers who have worked with V-ZUG appliances since 2019 when the Swiss luxury brand officially landed in Singapore.

Celebrity interior designer Peter Tay of eponymous Peter Tay Studio, who famously designed the glitzy pads of Zhang Ziyi, Wang Leehom, Stephanie Sun and Zoe Tay, is no stranger to V-ZUG, having designed many of its showrooms in China and its Singapore flagship store at Scotts Square.

Henry Yew, director of Index Design, is a showflat specialist who first worked with V-ZUG on Meyer Mansion, a luxury private condominium outfitted with the Swiss brand’s appliances.

We ask both veterans about their design philosophies and what they like about V-ZUG’s latest Excellence Line.

What is your design philosophy?

Tay: I believe a great design is one that is simple with clean lines and does not follow trends. The space should be timeless and classic, and as minimal as possible so that it shines a spotlight on the furniture or appliances.

Yew: Good design is a marriage between aesthetics and functionality. One could be more than the other and achieving the right balance is the key to a good design.

Can you share your experience working with V-ZUG?
Tay: Working with the team from V-ZUG is very different because they already have a clear vision of what they want and understand the outcome of the project. More importantly, they already have an established brand identity, which is very important to me. My job was just to take this identity, bring it to life and carry this through to its other showrooms across Asia. What I really respect about this brand is its 108-year history and design evolution, based on what to me is the Bauhaus concept — modern, simple, functional and classic products.

What do you like about V-ZUG products?
Yew: I was impressed when V-ZUG first came to our office for a product introduction a few years ago. The design was very avantgarde, the kind of kitchen appliances that you wish to have at home to impress your guests. I was also dazzled by the list of pre-installed cooking recipes and programming. It is almost like I could magically turn from a noob to a chef if I use one of the ovens.

Some brands would intentionally set a wide difference in terms of design between their entry level and premium range. I respect V-ZUG for their philosophy of setting a very high standard to ensure that their entry-level range looks just as premium as their more expensive range.

Is it easy incorporating the Excellence Line into a kitchen setting?
I design a kitchen around the appliances, not the other way around. V-ZUG’s clean, minimalist and streamlined design is designed to work with any given space. For me, to really draw the eye to the appliances, I had to keep the kitchen’s interiors clean and quiet, only playing with colour to blend in with the hues of the ovens. Carbon graphite is a subtle shade which instantly draws the eye down to the appliances giving them weight.

When I create showrooms, I think of them like art galleries. I see myself as an artist given the tools to showcase the essence of the artwork. The showroom should have a museum quality where people, without even coming in to buy, are drawn to the products.

What do you like about the Excellence Line?
The power of V-ZUG is in its quiet understated strength in terms of performance, and the superior quality of materials and finishes. It reminds me of my visits to museums where after I leave, I am left with a lasting impression. That’s the power of VZUG. I’m very happy to see more high-end developments using V-ZUG. It’s a very beautiful product and I’ve tasted the food made with V-ZUG, too. It’s very good!

Yew: It has to be the new Circleslider. I cannot express the feeling of using it in words and those who are curious should visit the showroom and try it!

Purchase any model from V-ZUG Excellence Line and enjoy 2 years warranty coverage. For more information, call 6926-0878 or visit the showroom #03 – 11/12/13 Scotts Square.

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