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Plastic fantastic

Pollyanna Concepts

The rising demand for faux greenery reflects a growing appreciation for its hyper-realistic appearance and low maintenance

The Edge Singapore - Haven
Bright spots

Michael Fiebrich demonstrates his skill in seamlessly incorporating vibrant colours into a neutral living space

The Edge Singapore - Haven
A smart home tailored to your needs


Shawn Ang of JUNG Asia: A modern smart home transcends mere automation — it possesses inherent intelligence

The Edge Singapore - Haven
Versatile leadership


Angeline Yap: Shattering ceilings with passion and drive, leading the way in a male-dominated world.

The Edge Singapore - Haven
Wells Singapore Experience Centre for Water Purifier

We explore Wells Singapore's Immersive Experience and witness the unveiling of Wells The One

The Edge Singapore - Haven
Designing success

We highlight four women in interior design and their achievements

The Edge Singapore - Haven

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