Enter the renovated Longchamp boutique at Ion Orchard, and you will experience a sensation akin to strolling through a fashionable private residence.

Each section exudes its distinctive ambience. The inviting entrance, reminiscent of an authentic workshop table, showcases seasonal highlights on bookshelf-inspired displays. Leather goods and accessories elegantly mingle with prints, books and decorative pieces, echoing the themes and hues of each collection.

Longchamp’s design concept, inspired by the elegance of Parisian apartment living, is a tribute to its rich heritage and savoir-faire, radiating a vibrant energy and optimism. The lounge, adorned with Haussmannian mouldings, vintage furniture and cosy rugs, offers a space to unwind amidst an eclectic mix of flea-market treasures and bespoke items, evoking a sense of curiosity and cosmopolitanism.

Le Pliage, Longchamp’s classic line, occupies its own space within the boutique — a vibrant “library” wall adorned in Longchamp’s signature greens, neatly organising bags by colour and style.

Every aspect of the boutique reflects Longchamp’s ethos and values. The deep, heritage dark green hues evoke a sense of tradition, while the vibrant light greens symbolise modernity. Collaborations with craftspeople, such as the Paris-based designer Pia Chevalier, yield one-of-a-kind creations like the handcrafted ‘Donut’ mugs, a testament to Longchamp’s unwavering dedication to handcrafted craftsmanship.

Longchamp’s commitment to creativity and quality is evident in every detail, particularly how they repurpose decorative elements to showcase accessories. Each item, from fruit baskets to lacquer trays, reflects the brand’s meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence.  

Modern twist

This season, renovations led by renowned interior designer Bergit Gräfin Douglas of MM-Design in Frankfurt, Germany, inject new life into the historic Hotel du Cap building and Les Deux Fontaines residence, introducing fresh aesthetics.

The designer has chosen Pierre Frey and Manuel Canovas interiors, known for their timeless elegance, incorporating floral motifs and toile de Jouy fabrics to enhance the distinctive charm of each structure. Original artwork adds the final touch to each space, featuring pieces by esteemed artists such as Stéphane Couturier, Salvo, Vivian Greven and David Shrigley, providing diverse inspirations.

The Hotel du Cap Building showcases two striking paintings by contemporary artist Landon Metz in its central hall, blending blues, greens and curved lines. Guestrooms retain elements dating back to the hotel’s opening in 1870, blending period features like towering ceilings, moulding and Louis XV furniture with contemporary touches. Upholstered in a soothing beige and pale blue palette, unique furniture pieces from Maison Tallarda in mahogany and bronze add character.

Meanwhile, in the Les Deux Fontaines Residence, 11 double rooms are adorned in pastel hues, creating a serene atmosphere synonymous with Cap d’Antibes. Designed to resonate with modern lifestyles while honouring a 150-year legacy, the new rooms at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc encapsulate the essence of being a “home away from home”.

Oetker Collection hotels are renowned masterpieces in the world’s most coveted destinations. Each property embodies timeless elegance, rooted in legendary European hospitality and genuine family spirit since 1872.  

Gallery glamour

With careful selection and thoughtful presentation of artworks, homeowners can create spaces that captivate the eye and hold personal significance. For those seeking to enhance their home environments with meaningful pieces, we recommend exploring the works of artist Alex Katz, whose diverse portfolio spans paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints.

Renowned as a leading painter of modern life, Katz draws inspiration from various sources like films, advertising, music, poetry and personal connections. His distinctive style, marked by composed strokes and flat colours, vividly captures contemporary existence with clarity and elegance.

An exciting opportunity to experience Katz’s latest creations awaits at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, Italy, where the Claire, Grass and Water exhibition is currently on display. Organised by Luca Massimo Barbero, Director of the Institute of Art History at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and supported by Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, this showcase presents never-before-seen works produced by Katz between 2021 and 2022.

Of particular note are Katz’s water explorations, a recurring motif in his work. From his early Black Brook series to his ongoing investigations into the interplay of light and reflection on water’s surface, Katz’s fascination with this elemental force is palpable. In Claire, Grass and Water, visitors can witness Katz’s latest interpretations of ocean scapes, rendered in striking monochrome with expressive brushstrokes that evoke the ebb and flow of waves beneath a moonlit sky.

For homeowners yearning to infuse their living spaces with a profound sense of timeless beauty and contemporary relevance, the works of Katz offer a compelling blend of artistic mastery and emotional depth, enriching the home environment with sophistication, visual intrigue and a deep connection to the human experience.  

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