V-ZUG believes that every aspect of life should be extraordinary. That’s why the luxury appliance brand has spent over a century perfecting its Swiss heritage, superior design quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Among the many masterpieces rolled out by V-ZUG is the Supreme Line  — a luxurious collection of refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers. Designed to exemplify timeless elegance, each household appliance has a streamlined design, with front panels made from a single piece of chrome steel and drawers built with solid metal for durability.

Each detail of every appliance in the Supreme Line has been meticulously crafted, combining first-rate materials with impeccable craftsmanship.

Another key feature of the Supreme Line is its generous dimensions. The Supreme refrigerator (Cooler V6000) has a storage capacity of 626 litres. It is also sustainable, with an energy rating of four ticks and energy consumption of just 139kWk annually.

With the Infinity Shelf system,the generous storage capacity of the Supreme series of refrigerators (the Cooler V6000 and CombiCooler V6000) allows for space customisation.

The Cooler V6000 and CombiCooler V6000 are also equipped with intelligent technology to keep food fresh for longer. V-ZUG’s climate control system circulates cooled air within the appliances, keeping temperature constant and humidity levels guaranteed.

The Supreme CombiCooler V6000 offers customisable storage spaces with different levels of optimal humidity to keep different kinds of food fresh for longer. The Supreme WineCooler V6000 has two temperature zones to house different types of wines (Photo: VZug).

For wine connoisseurs, the Supreme WineCooler V6000 comes with two temperature zones to house different types of wines.

The Supreme Line is designed to be practical for homeowners, while also offering elegance, aesthetics and luxury. All of V-ZUG appliances integrate well into the home and provide a consumer-centric experience.

Interested customers can visit the V-ZUG showroom on the second floor of ION Orchard to explore the Supreme Line in person and experience the Excellence Line. You can also view a carefully curated selection of V-ZUG’s laundry care appliances to complement your buying experience.

For more information, visit www.vzug.com/sg/en/.

Homeowners can choose to have their Supreme Line appliances be fully integrated into the cabinetry or use the stainless steel fronts with elegant handles (Photo: V-Zug).