Angelyn Wong joined Rezt+Relax right after graduation with no experience in interior design except a burgeoning interest in the field. “Looking at the joy our clients experienced when they entered a home designed just for them gave me a sense of fulfilment,” she recalls. She requested for training and spent a year as an apprentice with one of the company’s creative leads until she was ready to take on her own projects. Twelve years later, she is a senior designer and still excited about her work.

Angelyn Wong, interior designer at Rezt+Relax (Photo: Rezt+Relax)

Angelyn frequently designs interiors for smaller units — an important segment here in Singapore and other population-dense cities. She points out that it can be challenging to find a good balance between space utilisation and a holistic living environment for her clients at times. “Our clients often request for ample built-in storage, which naturally impacts the available floor space in an apartment. So I have to be creative in how I place various details that create the impression and feel of a larger space,” she explains.

With a short brief from the owner, Angelyn set out to create a hotel-like space that is welcoming to the family, trimmed with accents of gold across the apartment (Photo: Rezt+Relax)

She shares an example of a Gramercy Park project that she recently completed for an overseas customer, who uses it as a second home when he visits Singapore for holidays. “As he lives abroad, we had a very short initial discussion when he explained what he wanted, handed over the keys to the apartment, and promptly left for home,” she laughs. “He just specified that he wanted it to feel like a high-end hotel designed just for him, and he wanted to have gold accents throughout the apartment.”

The bar is designed by Angelyn, in line with the cabinets against the walls and doubling as a break between the kitchen and living spaces (Photo: Rezt+Relax)

Armed with this short brief, Angelyn spent some time exploring boutique and international hotel chains across various parts of the world, before shaping the apartment into a luxurious suite with ample space for guests and family. “There were two areas where we didn’t need to do much and they were the bathrooms and kitchen,” she recalls. “As additional storage was required, we built that into the wall adjacent to the kitchen, adding some appliances as well as a standing bar with high chairs, where you could have a casual meal or drink if you didn’t want to sit at the dining table.” This also helped to delineate the space between the living areas and the kitchen itself.

Warm lighting panels on the stepped hidden ceiling balance the bright natural lighting and bronzed mirrors make the dining space feel grander (Photo: Rezt+Relax)

Angelyn also uses multiple textures on walls and finishings to trigger a sense of curiosity and distinguish between areas in the apartment. “Wall textures help to create a maximalist feel without taking up more space. It also makes an apartment feel less monotonous,” she explains. “Here, we created a consistent thematic design via a colour palette that’s used throughout the apartment, but in different hues and textures for different spaces.”

Little accents of colours add complexity to the space, such as these emerald green armchairs and cushions (Photo: Rezt+Relax)

Warm lighting is used throughout the entire apartment to balance the generous amount of natural light coming through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the apartment. Large mirrors are also devised to create the experience of a larger space, particularly in narrow corridors such as the entrance and within a compact second bedroom. “The mirrors have a bronze tint to match the gold accents used in the apartment. Even in the dining area, we have a reflecting mirror so it feels grander and amplifies the design of the hanging lights,” she points out. In the living room, the wall display was custom-made to her specifications to fit in with the soft furnishings of the space.

The bedroom features darker tones to induce a calmer, relaxed mood (Photo: Rezt+Relax)

Black, gold, and eggshell are the key colours used in this apartment but that can feel repetitive, so Angelyn introduced a few other colour accents to each space. In the living area, she uses emerald green armchairs and cushions to draw attention, while vivid blue cushions on gold bar stools interrupt the neutral colour scheme.

Another bedroom features lighter tones (Photo: Rezt+Relax)

The bedrooms achieve a calming ambience by reducing the hues of gold and amplifying darker wood tones with shades of grey and textured walls. Each room features a slightly different texture. To create a seamless and continuous feel, she applied the same texture on the walls to the supporting beams in each room. “We also added Roman blinds that match the tones in each room, the master and two guest rooms, that soften the space further.” The result is an apartment that’s stunning in style and has a grand presence within a compact unit, perfect for that next holiday break.

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