Light the way
Make a few home décor updates and you will notice a whole new look for your home. Lights are a good example, and investing in designer light fixtures from the new Bocci collection will keep your home updated. The collection features a wide selection of new pieces by interdisciplinary Omer Arbel who is known for his creative explorations and experiments, working with innovative glass-blowing techniques and unique combinations of materials.
Nuovo magazine states: “Arbel wants to move past just guiding materials toward a preset goal; he wants to follow them into the furthest reaches of their potential and into aesthetic landscapes of forms not yet known.” In his latest designs, he has each piece named with a number that corresponds to the order in which it was first conceived. For example, 28 debuts in five new colours, with understated shades of beige, grey, purple, red and yellow. 28 results from an innovative fabrication process that manipulates both the temperature and the direction of air flow into blown glass. Available at Space Furniture.

Eat well
Cook with your health in mind with Tefal’s Easy Fry Grill & Steam, which is an easy-to-use three-in-one appliance that combines an air fryer, grill, and steamer. This multifunctional air fryer has seven automatic cooking programs and auto-adjust functions that automatically switch between steaming and air frying settings, which let you cook healthier meals with minimum effort. It also comes with three manual modes for added precision and customisation. Achieve crispy, golden results on all your favourite fried treats with little to no added oil; steam and gently cook everything from flaky fish to delicious veggies while preserving their vitamins and nutrients.

Get running
Puma has partnered Frida Kahlo Corp and OEG Latino to launch the Puma x Frida Kahlo collection. Kahlo is the Mexican artist who is equally famous for her artworks as her unibrows have always had her art that tells a story of female empowerment and independence. Puma notices that a woman’s foot is unique, yet the running market has ignored this fact and amended men’s footwear to “fit” women. Puma is taking a stand with the first running shoe built on a woman’s last; Run XX Nitro Frida Kahlo which features a narrower heel, sculpted arch, and lower instep.

Outside in
Loewe takes a leaf from Mother Nature’s book to create the spring/summer 23 men’s runway collection. Imagine a fusion of grass growing on cloth, birds flying, fish swimming and water dripping. When combined, the collection features the bomber, the hoodie, the sweatshirt, the polo, the shirt, the track pants, the shorts, the waxed jacket and the parka — made in padded Nappa, or ozone-treated cotton that makes them look as though they have been buried underground.

Say yes to the dress
Just been proposed marriage? Start looking up wedding dresses and accessories at Net-A-Porter’s Here Comes The Bride collection that combines elegance with contemporary finishes and embraces your modern femininity. Check out the selection of unconventional bridal pieces from mini and midi dresses such as Galvan’s exclusive “Pandora” halter neck midi dress, and Roksanda’s Dima Pleated Crepe minidress in a universal A-line cut. Symbols of purity and the perfect accessory for any outfit — pick your pearls from a spectrum of dainty freshwater to Baroque-esque styles.

Sound experience
Gamers, check out the Arctis Nova Pro series that produces a new level of excellence for high-fidelity audio, AI-powered voice clarity, and all-day comfort with sleek Danish design aesthetics. Specifically designed to turbocharge any headset for gaming and provide a limitless ability to control sound across games, team chat and the microphone, Sonar allows gamers to adjust every individual frequency and hear the sounds that matter the most. By fusing these two entities (Arctis Nova Pro Headsets and the Sonar Audio Software Suite), the sound quality, clarity and control come together for a gaming audio experience like no other.

Temperature rising
Love, Bonito is giving us all sorts of summer feels with their new collection that features Vivica Classic, a wide-legged pants that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions. It is made of stretchy fabric, showcasing a silhouette to enhance that figure of yours and increase air circulation. Take a walk in the sunshine dressed in the Indya polka dot pleated with a V-neckline and an A-line silhouette with pretty pleats from the waist.





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