Maison Bengal, a fair trade and ethical company founded in 2004 by Sheenagh Day, aims to redefine the fashion and design industry by utilizing materials like jute and hogla, along with the skills of artisans. The brand focuses on providing financial empowerment to craftspeople, especially young women and mothers in less developed regions of Bangladesh.

Infused with locally grown plants, Maison Bengal's products convey a deep connection to the motherland, while the bags and baskets narrate the stories of skilled artisans. Inspired by the heritage of craftspeople and nature, the brand seamlessly blends age-old techniques with minimalist aesthetics. The colour palette spans from earthy tones to vibrant hues, reflecting the vibrancy of life. Each handwoven product is unique, embodying individuality.

Maison Bengal's ethos centres on locally sourced eco-materials, predominantly jute and hogla. Jute, known as the "golden fibre," is 100% biodegradable, rapidly renewable, and environmentally friendly. With impressive strength and rustic charm, it's ideal for crafting durable bags and interior products. Hogla, found along tidal rivers, is valued for its renewability and biodegradability, lending insulating properties to items like coasters and placemats. Maison Bengal's use of eco-materials reflects a commitment to tradition and sustainability.

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