This cushion features geometric motifs inspired by ledgers from the house’s “Casaques et couvertures” workshop.


Designed to accompany the different stages of the Hermès beauty ritual, these objects combine the delicacy of porcelain, the sensuality of leather, and the warmth of wood. They are decorated with a stroke of hand- painted red enamel, like a line of lipstick.

Need a dedicated place for your accessories? Look no further than this hand-decorated colourful tray, designed by Jan Bajtlik and depicting a jaguar slinking through a Mexican architectural structure bathed in sunlight.


A re-creation workshop, petit h starts with materials for which Hermès has no further use, such as leather, silk, porcelain, and crystal. Artists and designers are invited to partner with the house’s craftspeople. Combining creativity and know-how, they look at the materials together with an open mind and a fresh perspective, offer them a second life, and redirect them away from their original purpose to create hybrid products, always driven by an intention of use. Clay and leather, primitive resources worked by hand since time immemorial, come together to form this jar. Created with the help of artisan potters from the Ravel workshop in the South of France, the clay pot is fitted with a “Kelly” bag handle to provide full freedom of movement.

Your overnight guests will love this jacquard blanket that is woven in a warm blend of wool and cashmere. Designed by Nicola Aguzzi, it pays tribute to Le Saut Hermès by playing with show-jumping poles.

This may be a scarf, but we feel it deserves to be framed and hung in a special place at home. One of the six laureates of the Grand Prix du carré Hermès, English illustrator Jacqueline Colley took the humour prize. Here, she invents a singular park teeming with fun winks and fantastical creatures.




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