Every home item produced by Hermès is a pure work of art, reflecting the brand’s exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship. For instance, the structured armchair made of leather and wood pays homage to the elegant style of the 1930s, while the sofa boasts a pared-down, minimalist look. Hermès artisans use blow glass art’s delicate and intricate technique to create stunning lamps, and its talented artists painstakingly embroider rugs with striking graphic motifs.
In every product, Hermès draws from its equestrian roots, evident in the porcelain breakfast service with cheerful lines and the rugs and blankets that burst with an imaginative flair. Such a design approach captures the very essence of the craft of drawing inspiration from materials and expressing it through expert know-how to create timeless, contemporary objects that only become more beautiful with age.
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Ancelle d’Hermès Armchair 
Conceived by Danish designer Cecilie Manz, the Ancelle d’Hermès armchair is compellingly direct: Its powerful frame in solid wood is combined with a sheet of leather that creates a soft and elegant seat. Heir to a Scandinavian tradition that merges robustness with minimalism, this armchair offers an elegant, structured look.

Saut Hermès Porcelain Tableware 
A convivial and relaxed meal, breakfast now has its porcelain service. With his fresh, spontaneous illustrations drawn freehand in felt tip pen, French artist Jochen Gerner has decorated the pieces with motifs inspired by the Saut Hermès show-jumping competition. The equestrian universe is depicted in soft tones to create a cheerful and colourful service.

Patine d’Hermès Hinged Box 
The deep, shimmering patina of the bronze results from unique Japanese know-how, while Nasturtium red on the two-toned leather lid of the hinged box creates surprise with its lively contrast.

Conservatoire Chair 
A chair with an angular, geometric look, sheathed in leather by Hermès in the 1930s, inspired Jasper Morrison to reinterpret it with a light touch. The designer has imbued the chair with modernity by making the legs slimmer and revising their proportions. The exceptional leather sheathing of the seat and backrest were faithfully replicated, as was the glossy, glazed heritage leather developed for this creation. The result is a fusion of history, know-how and contemporary attitude.

Souffle d’Hermès Lamp 
The Souffle d’Hermès lamps by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen are objects for contemplation. Exploring the material nature of glass, they are equally fascinating whether switched on or off. They fulfil a function, assert familiarity and transparency, and embody simplicity and strength. In blackcurrant, fern or burnt orange, these lamps express the magic of the glass blower’s art.

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