You recently attended your best friend’s wedding and gifted them with the traditional red packet gift. Now, as they embark on the journey of homeownership with their new BTO, it’s time to explore housewarming gift options. Net-A-Porter offers an array of fantastic ideas to choose from. Gifting is an art, and special occasions provide the perfect canvas to make a stylish and thoughtful statement.

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Here’s to many more years in your lovely home!

Impress your guests with this cutlery set when hosting at home

Charger plates help safeguard your table and tablecloth from spills during service and maintain the warmth of your dinnerware

Tableware with such style, it can grace your daily meals

Dainty dessert plates designed to hold your lava cake

There is nothing quite like candles to set a romantic ambiance in your home

Indulge in the benefits of bath salts, renowned for their ability to ease tense muscles and alleviate aches and pains

Unconventional candle holders to inject a touch of humour into an otherwise boring living space

Pillowcases for a peaceful night’s sleep

Consider this handy side bowl that you can place beside your bathtub to keep your bath accessories within easy reach

This vase will motivate you to get fresh flowers for your home

Why not embark on a fresh home project, such as creating a mini-bar?

A cosy blanket to wrap yourself in for warmth on those chilly, rainy days

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