The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is a prestigious trade fair in Milan known for its diverse range of furnishing offerings, celebrated for their aesthetic appeal and innovative advancements

At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, companies and brands show their ingenuity, vision, innovation and sustainable excellence. This renowned event in Milan has recently evolved into a global platform encouraging inclusivity and dialogue within the creative furnishing industry.
Year after year, the trade fair strengthens its mission as an experimental hub and catalyst for collaboration, providing a space for networking and generating new business prospects. The exhibition features a diverse array of furniture and decor, from bedrooms to living and dining areas, from entrance corridors to outdoor spaces, setting the stage for a narrative that reflects the evolving dynamics of contemporary living.
We highlight some of our favourite brands:

The German luxury brand MCM breaks new ground with its innovative MCM Wearable Casa Collection. Designed by Atelier Biagetti and overseen by Maria Cristina Didero, this collection cleverly blends humour and creativity. It reimagines everyday objects, inviting them to step beyond their usual roles and whisking viewers into a new realm.
Founded in 1976 in Germany, MCM broke away from traditional luxury norms, becoming known as the bold newcomer. Originating in Munich’s vibrant 1970s culture, MCM crafted accessories and lifestyle goods that embodied innovation and luxury. Today, MCM maintains its pioneering spirit, constantly introducing fresh designs and embracing an innovative approach to pushing boundaries.
The MCM Wearable Casa Collection offers a fresh take on the spirit of the times, blending heritage with modern design influences. It presents objects seamlessly fitting into our futuristic lifestyles, using playful connections and intriguing visual contrasts.

Chatty Sofa
With its design influenced by street graffiti, this sofa pays tribute to the vibrant urban art scene and captures the essence of “casa” — home, becoming a symbolic centrepiece for the entire collection. The Chatty sofa offers comfort and warmth, reminiscent of designs like Gufram’s Bocca Sofa by Studio 65 from the 1970s, seamlessly blending nostalgia with modern style.

Tatamu is characterised by its soft rolls of mats. It presents a range of seating possibilities and transitions from a daybed to a Tatami, reminiscent of the Eileen Gray daybed. Meaning “to fold” in Japanese, the versatile Tatamu introduces modularity to the collection, enhancing its flexibility and drawing inspiration from the rich history of global design and architecture.
Inspired by Bauhaus’s dynamic colour palette and drawing from diverse influences spanning Eastern and Western cultures, Tatamu embodies MCM’s ethos of honouring cultural heritage. The vibrant primary hues of yellow, red, blue and white, reminiscent of the renowned German design school, take centre stage in Tatamu’s aesthetic. 

Mind Teaser
The idea behind Wearable Casa embodies a forward-looking approach to living, embracing the dynamism of a new era. The Mind Teaser is a transformative piece, serving as a stool, chair or coffee table, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as video games and the Rubik’s Cube. This versatile item, reminiscent of the timeless game that challenges players of all ages to exercise mathematical skills, spatial awareness and memory, also pays homage to the renowned Italian master Mario Bellini. Bellini, an architect and designer of global acclaim, has contributed significantly to the history of design internationally.

Clepsydra Lantern
Wearable Casa advances the notion of living, transforming it into a tailored, immersive encounter that accompanies us wherever we roam. The portable Clepsydra Lantern seamlessly blends classic archetypal aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology. It seamlessly merges timeless design with modern practicality by harnessing LED lighting and rechargeable capabilities.

Versace Home

When Versace unveils its home collection to the world, it commands attention. The Versace Home collection shares the rich cultural and design narratives of the Palazzo through a unique audio experience called “Versace Home: If These Walls Could Talk”.

Palazzo Versace envelops you in the full Versace lifestyle. Every room is carefully arranged into living, dining and sleeping areas, decorated with the newest Versace Home 2024 collection. This keen eye for detail also applies to the central courtyard, featuring a stunning glass house with Versace Ceramics Gemstone flooring.

The furniture collection, skilfully crafted and distributed by Luxury Living Group, captures Versace’s distinctive design ethos. Emblematic symbols of the House, such as the Medusa, Barocco and Greca motifs, stem from Palazzo Versace’s workshops. Often premiering at fashion shows in the Palazzo’s central courtyard, these designs later grace furniture, lighting, textiles, and beyond.
The Medusa ’95 and Greca motifs adorn rounded chairs and expansive sofas, available in luxurious leather or plush chenille with the Barocco motif. The Barocco theme continues across various designs, including exquisite tableware from the Rosenthal-meets-Versace collection.

Polished metal, evoking the opulence of Versace gold, is expertly crafted in chair backs and arms or as coffee-table borders. The collection’s pièce de résistance is the Medusa ’95 Conversation Sofa, a quintessentially Versace creation boasting lavish proportions and irresistible comfort. Resembling a grand bed, this sofa is an oasis of relaxation, featuring intricate leather trim, sumptuous chenille Barocco cushions, and indoor or outdoor leather options.


Considered one of the most ambitious Salone del Mobile collections, Loewe presents a commissioned series of lamps by 24 internationally renowned artists. This marks the first occasion for many of these 24 featured artists to venture into lamp design, providing them with a platform to explore a diverse array of mediums and challenge the properties of each material to create captivating interactions with light. It also allows several artists to experiment with new techniques and materials in their practice.

Exploring the versatility of bamboo, birch twigs, horsehair, paper, lacquer, glass, leather and ceramic, these artists craft forms inspired by natural and man-made objects. Their creations range from evoking lighters and storefront shutters to morphing micro-organisms and suspended gourds.

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