Swiss excellence

You can now view Geberit’s full spectrum of luxury sanitary products at its new flagship showroom at Marina Square — the first and only Southeast Asian outpost for the Swiss brand.

Divided into four zones, the showroom’s innovative concept revolves around presenting Geberit’s dual product arms — the technology behind the wall and the products in front of the wall — creating a harmonious bathroom experience that seamlessly combines efficient water management with visually appealing bathroom décor. Here, you’ll be able to witness live demonstrations of Geberit’s cutting-edge technologies, including the full range of behind-the-wall and in-front-of-the-wall cisterns, washbasins, and more. 

In a strategic partnership, Econflo Systems, a family business turned corporate entity specialised in supplying large private residential and government projects in Singapore, joins forces with Geberit as its local partner. The partnership leverages Econflo’s extensive expertise in the retail segment and Geberit’s strong reputation to enhance awareness and desirability for Geberit’s products. 

Table for tea

Saporiti Italia, a design service provider offering tailor-made interior design solutions worldwide, participated in Find: Design Fair Asia to celebrate 75 years of product innovation and 15 years of cutting-edge projects in Singapore.

The showcase provided visitors with a glimpse into its prestigious history, work, and continuous commitment to research, unveiling the future of its design through its new East Meets West Collection. The centrepiece of this collection was the Gong Fu Cha Table by the world-famous architectural firm, Fuksas Architects.

This table is designed for the delicate practice of preparing and serving tea, offering clever and stylish organisation combined with modern technology, including an LED screen for presenting images and videos to guests. It also features functional elements such as two integrated induction cooking units, water storage, and a water waste basin. The elegant design includes a series of integrated chairs and serving trolleys, creating a beautiful monolithic display when stored. It is available in two high-gloss finish options: China Red or Imperial Blue.

To complement the table, there is a Wine, Liqueur & Cocktail Cabinet that represents the drinking culture of the West. For inquiries, email [email protected].

Kitchen confidential

Samsung has introduced four new customised kitchen appliances to make your kitchen look great and work even better: the Bespoke Built-in Oven, Bespoke Wall-mount Hood, Bespoke Induction Hob, and Bespoke Dishwasher.

With Samsung Bespoke, you can now personalise your kitchen by mixing and matching these stylish and smart appliances. This not only adds a unique touch to your kitchen but also makes your cooking experience more efficient and convenient, whether you’re a busy home cook or want to impress your guests with delicious meals.

These new additions to the Samsung Bespoke line-up allow you to personalise your kitchen to match your home’s interior design. You can choose appliances that not only look sleek and reflect your personal style but are also easy to use and maintain.

The Bespoke Built-in Oven, in particular, combines style and functionality for aspiring chefs. It offers various cooking modes and precise temperature control, making it easy to enhance the flavours and textures of your favourite dishes without constantly watching over them.

 View the bespoke collection on Purchase before Nov 6 and enjoy savings up to $400 with bundle deals and free installation of the Bespoke oven, hood, and hob.

Oven intelligence

Bosch’s new Series 8 Ovens promise a new era in cooking, where you can do so much more with just one oven, such as steam, bake, roast, and air fry your food.

Enjoy healthy steam cooking up to 120°C and healthier frying thanks to the Air Fry function. Steaming at up to 120°C means that food is ready up to 50% faster. Additionally, up to 54% more nutrients and up to 25% more vitamin C are retained.

You also get moist and fluffy baked goods with the PerfectBake Baking Sensor Plus, which measures the moisture content in the oven thanks to highly sensitive sensors. Lastly, you’ll have perfectly cooked meats every time with the PerfectRoast Plus feature, which uses a three-point meat probe to constantly measure the core temperature of the meat. Now guided by artificial intelligence, users can connect the Series 8 Oven to the Home Connect app for smart assistance or via Alexa voice control. The associated settings on the oven can be started directly from the diverse recipes in the app with one click.

Purchase your Series 8 from the UnserHaus Experience Centre and enjoy an $888 cash rebate and a free home demonstration (worth $125). Promotion ends on Dec 31.

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