In a dazzling fusion of craftsmanship and astrological allure, local furniture maker Marano Furniture invites connoisseurs of design to embark on a celestial journey with its latest Constellation Collection. 

Comprising 13 masterpieces, each handcrafted creation encapsulates the essence of each astrological sign in a visual tapestry for the modern home through a meticulously curated symphony of colour palettes and avant-garde shapes.

The use of E0-grade sustainable materials, sumptuous nappa leather, rich walnut veneer, and art glass underscores Marano’s commitment to quality and establishes a harmonious balance between luxury and environmental consciousness.

Launched in 2019, Marano Furniture continues its commitment to inclusivity and innovation. A collaboration with emerging designers from underrepresented communities across Asia, the Constellation Collection becomes a canvas for the artists to weave their astrological narratives into bespoke designs. The result is an assemblage of style-forward pieces that seamlessly blend symbolism, functionality, and personality, transforming living spaces into selected works of art.

Christopher Lim, founder and managing director of Marano Furniture, shares his perspective: “This collection takes a more introspective approach, utilising striking colours and irregular shapes to craft pieces that evoke the celestial imagination. Each statement piece is a bespoke creation, meticulously handcrafted to resonate with individual personality types and home preferences, a departure from Marano’s traditional bespoke philosophy.”

Prices for the Constellation Collection start at $1,890 and go up to $5,990, with customisation options available for those looking to add a more personal touch. For additional details or to schedule a showroom viewing, please visit

A play between fire and brilliance: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

For fire signs with a passion, the ARIETIS Armchair brings a burst of colour to the living space, featuring a velvety silk exterior for added warmth and comfort.

The SAGITTARII Coffee Table, with its irregular arrow-shaped design in gorgeous walnut veneer, captures Sagittarius’ optimism and sense of adventure.

The LEONIS 2-Seater Sofa complements Leo’s confident and charismatic disposition with its magnificent mane-like velvet exterior.

Embracing the depths of the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The SCORPII Coffee Table represents the mysterious and intense Scorpio sign. Its solid black lacquered beech base supports a corrugated art glass top, creating a misty effect like an oil painting.

The CANCRI Sideboard, featuring smoked oak veneer and opulent golden accents, embodies the tranquil and homely qualities of Cancer.

The imaginative Pisces personality is reflected in the twin-fish structure and marble top of the PISCIUM Side Table, bringing an ethereal touch to any living space.

A breeze of elegance in the air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

The combination of LIBRAE Bed and Bedside Table is harmonious for the intelligent and versatile air sign. The cooler tones of pine green and cream white, paired with top-grade cowhide, create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere for rest.

Reflecting the curiosity and quirkiness of Aquarius and Gemini, the AQUARII Sideboard and GEMINORIUM Dining Chair showcase unconventional shapes and pops of colour, injecting a distinctive touch of innovation into contemporary homes.

Bringing it down to earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Similar to earthy elements, the VIRGINIS Dining Table stands out with its light veneer parquet and a base resembling a swaying skirt.

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