King Living’s founder, David King, highlights the commitment to designing durable furniture that avoids landfill waste. This focus on detail ensures every piece is exceptional.

With complete control over its product line, King Living can guarantee sustainability by using recyclable components and designing furniture with longevity in mind. The brand steers clear of current trends, opting for timeless, sleek designs at the core of its philosophy.

This dedication has recently been validated by awarding two prestigious Red Dot Design Awards to King Living’s 1977 Sofa collection. These accolades add to the brand’s extensive list of achievements, cementing its position as a frontrunner in the furniture design industry.

King Living’s in-house design team, recognised for pushing boundaries in furniture design, continually garners acclaim. Their commitment to excellence further underscores their focus on delivering top-tier furniture that combines aesthetic beauty with superior design, durability, and functionality.

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Brand’s legacy

Founder King expressed pride in the brand’s legacy of award-winning designs, emphasising their commitment to providing customers with exceptional products that meet the highest standards. By staying true to its ethos and continually innovating, King Living sets benchmarks in the industry by offering quality and inventive furniture solutions tailored to modern living needs.

The Red Dot Design Award, celebrated globally for recognising exceptional craftsmanship, recognises King Living’s dedication to producing top-quality designs. Their 1977 Sofa collection, a reimagining of the brand’s initial 1970s sofa, exhibits decades of design and engineering expertise. 

This collection, designed by the founder in collaboration with senior designer Sebastian Clarke, blends the carefree 1970s era with contemporary engineering, showcasing the brand’s innovation.

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The modular adaptability of the 1977 Sofa collection enables users to create customised seating layouts to suit their lifestyles, epitomising King Living’s legacy of creative solutions.

Blending past and present, the 1977 Sofa showcases timeless design. Its adaptable structure and modern materials reflect the brand’s innovative spirit, offering flexible living with a touch of classic style.

Clarke highlights the 1977 Sofa’s versatility as a living solution that evolves with the customer. Crafted with modern living in mind, it adapts to different settings, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments.

Since its inception in 1977, King Living has pioneered Australian furniture design. Now operating worldwide, the brand remains committed to quality and durability. With complete control over design and manufacturing, King Living’s expert in-house team ensures every piece meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. Their contemporary, durable designs cater to diverse global audiences, reinforcing their position as industry leaders.