When we first set foot in a new house, our thoughts often go straight to finishings and fixtures. Understandably so, since those are the biggest, often most permanent things in a home — besides, nobody’s going to think about doilies or tea sets when the coffee table’s still just a blank space on the living room floor.

Once all that’s settled, though, there comes the question of what to do about everything else. After all, wouldn’t it be more than a little ironic to live in a home “full” of empty counters and tables? Whatever you call them — knick-knacks, trinkets, whatzits or whozits — small home decor pieces not only fill up empty bits throughout a house, but can also have the potential to add a pop of personality and contrast.

In fact, it’s exactly in the small stuff where you ought to inject a little more you. Think about it — do you really want to splurge on a $100,000 green-and-purple polka-dotted wardrobe just because you think it’s you today? Tastes can change, through no fault of our own, and it’s certainly a whole lot easier to replace a jewellery box than it is to find a new chest of drawers.

So while you ponder over what petite ornaments to get, take some inspiration from Options’ favourites. We’ve added a few Singaporean brands, too, in case you’d like your home to scream “support local”.

Louis Vuitton Bell Lamp ($7,800)

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This rechargeable lamp in Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection was created by designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. A canvas and leather strap hangs around a frosted glass “bell” on the inside, which in turn houses a dimmable LED light. Multiple colourways exist, meaning you’ve got options when it comes to picking one for your home.

VES Carrot Plate ($55)

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Another botanical-inspired piece, this limited-edition delight was created by home-grown label VES. With its bright, shiny orange glaze, it’s sure to be an eye-catcher placed atop a counter. And sure, it’s whimsy and fun, but it’s also practical — we think it’d make a great backdrop to hold understated jewellery pieces.

Hermès Theoreme From My Window box ($2,200)

Featuring a design by famed architect Nigel Peake on its cover, this square box is sure to add a little Cubist funk to any room it’s placed in. At 26cm across and 8cm tall, it’s a good pick to store small notes and stationery, or maybe even keys.

Tanchen Studio Sand Drift Rug (from $255)

The pseudo-striped pattern on this rug by local brand Tanchen Studio was inspired by — as its name suggests — sand moving in a desert or dune. Tufted from New Zealand wool, the rug comes in several colours and three sizes. The smallest, at 60cm by 90cm, is great for adding visual interest to a doorway.

Bottega Veneta Big Banana Tray ($5,020)

This decorative tray is created in Bottega Veneta’s signature Intrecciato woven leather pattern. Its amorphous shape is sure to draw attention — it even comes in a nice yellow tone, in a true homage to its namesake fruit. And it’s not just a light throwaway piece, either; coming in at 1.5kg, the tray certainly has a fair amount of heft.