Berluti launches a new collection of exceptional objects for the home

In line with Olga Berluti's Club Swann philosophy where the assortment accentuates a curated array of timeless and unexpected items are intended for appreciation and sharing at celebrations. While remaining original, these pieces are deeply rooted in Berluti's DNA, paying homage to the Maison's history, artisanal techniques, and expertise.



The collection seamlessly brings together Berluti's signature materials, such as patinated Venezia leather, sole leather, and bootmaker studs. These elements are complemented by polished brass components, all crafted using traditional shoemaking methods like molding, stacking, and hand-stitched finishes. A lively jewel-toned palette showcases Mimosa and Opuntia patinas for the Fall/Winter 2023 season, alongside the emblematic Cacao Intenso tones. The outcome is a sophisticated yet whimsical array of treasures distinguished by a distinctive new signature incorporating Berluti's original logo, a fleur-de-lys from the original Scritto pattern, and the 1895 stamp.



Among the precious objects are a champagne bucket with a detachable brass interior, a stackable and playful heel-shaped photo frame, a walnut wood watch box, and a candle housed in a Venezia leather case with a removable Scritto-serigraphied glass interior and a bespoke cedar, papyrus, and palo santo fragrance.

These pieces, elegant yet surprising, encompass a meticulously molded Venezia leather solitaire with brass marbles, dominoes crafted from patinated sole leather and metal studs, a vibrant puzzle mounted on a wooden base, and a trio of wooden spinning tops enveloped in Venezia leather and patinated in seasonal shades of Opuntia, Mimosa, and Iris.

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