There are some clothes you can easily throw in the washing machine and it gets the job done. But for delicates, winter wear and other expensive clothes, there is only one way and that is dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning does not shrink your clothes,  it maintains the colour and oil and grease are dissolved. If you find yourself making numerous trips to the dry cleaners, you might want to consider the Refresh Butler by V-Zug which is an innovative fabric care appliance that you can install in your home. Refresh Butler is a breakthrough innovation inspired by Swiss nature that is deeply rooted in Switzerland since 1913. It provides a gentle solution to refresh, sanitise and dry your designer garments. The process does not use any chemicals or mechanical friction. As a result, your clothes will maintain their natural look and feel, prolonging their life.

How? The Refresh Butler uses steam and a patented photocatalysis system to effectively eliminate odours. A flow of air at low temperatures replicates the mountain winds in the Swiss alps; a process that helps to gently care for your clothes.

Refresh Butler neutralises odours such as cooking smells and cigarette smoke. It also lessens the effects of wrinkles and creases while protecting the design, texture, and comfort of even the most delicate fabrics. The main component involves UVC light, a heating element that uses a heat pump and steam system without any chemicals or usage of perfumes.

The Refresh Butler has been proven to eliminate as much as 99.99 % of germs and bacteria, without the use of chemi- cals. A key part of this process is the UV light function that combines with steam and gentle heat. Once done, your clothes are germ-free as germs and bacteria are everywhere. The Refresh Butler is able to eliminate them from your garments without washing or dry cleaning.

If you are caught in the rain, do not worry as the drying function is capable of drying even fabrics that require special care. This is done by using only low temperatures without any tumbling. This function dries clothes with gentle heat from an energy-efficient heat pump system. It only uses temperatures below 60°C to bring garments back down to a humidity level of 24%, making them ready to wear again.

Homeowners who are wondering how the Refresh Butler will fit into the décor of their home will be pleased to know that it has an integrated wardrobe system and you can use your own finishing for the door panels. 



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